Uberaba is a municipality with broad tourist potential, ranging from the exploration of handicrafts to historical and cultural heritage. Tradition lives in every corner of the city, and its religiosity represented by beautiful Catholic churches and spiritism, has as its icon the world-renowned medium Francisco Cândido Xavier - 'Chico Xavier'. Cultural manifestations are present in festivals such as folia dos reis, congado, viola and catira festivals, and in the attractive gastronomy, which rescues ways of life, valuing the productive chain of regional products.

The agricultural vocation has accompanied Uberaba since its foundation. But it is its technological innovations that elevate the city to the status of a world reference in genetic improvement and elite zebu. Results of this work attract cattle farmers from all over the world.

The city also stands out for its national paleontological site, with important discoveries made by the excavations team of the Dinosaur Museum and reserves incredible landscapes of unparalleled greenery, enabling a great diversity of sports and leisure activities in an environment of natural exuberance.

Its location is strategic, as it is equidistant from nationally recognized capital cities, connected by air or through the best highways in the country. The municipality promotes actions and events of receptive tourism, making available to the tourist all its infrastructure of hotels, clubs, parks, event centers, and calendar of its main events. This is Uberaba for the tourist. Receptive, warm, and charming. A striking destination for those who visit from all over Brazil and the world.

The Uberaba Geopark Project - Land of Giants involves the entire extension of the municipality. It integrates spaces such as museums, mansions, parks, and geosites that, dispersed throughout the city, portray the geological riches, historical heritage, and local culture, and will boost regional development, for its valorization and tourist vocation.

In the first pillar, we are represented by the dinosaurs that inhabited here millions of years ago and that open the doors to ecological, educational, scientific, and adventure tourism. Uberaba's geological heritage is highlighted worldwide with the important paleontological findings of our region. We support the second pillar in the relevance of the Zebu cattle, which arriving in our city developed part of the economy and our culture. The Zebu marks the power of Uberaba in the world agribusiness, symbolizes event, cultural, and business tourism. Represented by the icon Chico Xavier, in the third pillar, we have the strength, diversity, and significance of local religiosity. Sumptuous churches, religious festivals, Afro-Brazilian culture, and the strength of spiritism coexist in harmony and are part of the religious tourism trend.

In addition to these three giants, Uberaba has several beautiful Catholic churches, eight museums addressing different cultural and historical aspects of our city, ancient mansions protected by the public authorities to preserve the history and evolution of the city.

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