The CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC STUDY AND RESEARCH IN GEOLOGY AND PALEONTOLOGY GEOPARK UBERABA is a non-profit association, of private law, with administrative and financial autonomy, which is governed by its bylaws and by the applicable legislation.

Its purposes consist of:

  • Research and experimental development in social and human sciences;
  • Research and development in archaeology; Geological surveying activities;
  • Restoration and conservation of historical sites and buildings;
  • Other unspecified professional, scientific, and technical activities;
  • Training and professional development; Organization of fairs, conferences, exhibitions, and celebrations;
  • Studies and research in Paleozoology, Paleobotany, Paleobiogeography, Paleoecology, and Paleontology;
  • Developing training, updating, and professional capacity-building programs;
  • Organizing and promoting studies, projects, programs, research, and extension activities;
  • Developing collaborative programs, internships, and research with colleges, universities, technical and vocational schools;
  • Creating new non-profit experimental models for production, trade, employment, and credit;
  • Dedicating efforts to Geoconservation and promoting Education and Sustainable Economic Development through Tourism; Integration into government programs;
  • Conservation, enhancement, and dissemination of cultural and natural heritage.


										To contribute to the protection, enhancement, and promotion of natural and cultural heritage, with a special emphasis on geological heritage, aiming to deepen and disseminate scientific knowledge, fostering tourism and the sustainable development of the Geopark Uberaba Terra de Gigantes territory.	


										To be recognized as a distinguished and renowned entity by the local, regional, national, and international community, as a promoter of sustainable economic development in the territory through the management of the Geopark Uberaba, following UNESCO´s guidelines.	


										• Environmental protection
• Sustainable development
• Quality of services
• Equity and equality in user treatment
• Technical competence and professionalism
• Innovation
• Teamwork and networking
• Environmental responsibility	

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